Aberdeen Golf & Country Club


Located in West Boynton Beach Florida, this private community hosts a 18 hole Desmond Muirhead design. Constructed in 1987, the course is narrow and lined with residential and water features encompassing approximately 125 acres of playable terrain.


Working directly with the golf course designer, landscape architect and club manager, the implementation of multiple software solutions allowed our team to develop a full set of content for analysis and presentation during the 90 day fast tracked process.


Original hand drawn surveys and sketches were converted to digital cad files and three dimensional data. The final design was detailed in full construction documents, including landscaping. To better communicate the design, all elements were incorporated into three dimensional computer models and animations. The previously established work flow, allowed our
team to quickly value engineer both the earthworks and landscape budgets to acceptable values. The data presented represents one of the most precise renovation designs ever developed.